About Us Santa Fe Custom Works

Our craftsmen at Santa Fe Custom Works have been creating some of the finest award winning cabinetry and furniture since 1988. Our successful and conscientious group of woodworkers specialize in fitting our customer's unique needs. Owner Cindy Mauchly's background in art and engineering brings both aesthetics and precision to every project.

She works intimately with our clients to develop their one-of-a-kind pieces with creative finishes and styles that match their requirements and taste. Santa Fe Custom Works is dedicated to the satisfied architects, designers, contractors and homeowners that not only keep coming back for more but are happy to refer us and our crew. Santa Fe Custom Works' quality creations and attention to detail is apparent in the beautiful work completed on time and on budget with custom techniques that bring life to the client's ideas.

Our Mission: To create custom residential cabinetry for aesthetic- and quality-minded customers and a remarkable partnering experience for everyone involved in a way that:
Homeowner’s experience of their new home is dramatically enhanced,
Contractors experience us as easy to work with, competent, timely and thorough,
Our employees and subcontractors have steady, meaningful work and enjoy contributing to our evolution and improvement,
Each project contributes to our profitable growth,
So that every project helps fulfill the home owner’s dream and contributes to the success of the Santa Fe Custom Works’ team and its partners.